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Words Are Dead - Agnes Obel
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list of characters that deserved so much better:

  • sakura oogami
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- Anime protagonist with a tortured past that is still trying to grasp the magic of friendship (via thecornhusker)

(Fonte: bigassbarahands)

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(Fonte: coalgirls)

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the two main reasons i like pairings with height differences

  • the shorter of the two pulling the taller down into a kiss
  • the taller of the two lifting the shorter to kiss them
  • the taller one accidentally elbowing the shorter one in the face
  • the shorter one elbowing them back in the crotch
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Life’s hard when you’re a big tough high school boy with a glass heart and your teammates are a bunch of punk ass delinquents. 

(Based on This Vine!)

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Zankyou no Terror - Twelve
Zankyou no Terror - Twelve
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"I can’t remember the taste of it at all. In that place…eating was just another task."

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"Looking for a girlfriend who can make bombs and good food."

- Sphinx, Nº 02 (via ichigomaniac)
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